Steel Buildings Insulation

Steel Buildings Insulation for Utility Savings

Achieve Year-Round Utility Savings, Steel Buildings has long maintained a goal of providing its customers with efficient and effective structures.

By adding insulation you can achieve this Unlike many buildings, Steel Buildings unique structural concept allows plumbing and electrical to be placed between the insulation and the finished wall or ceiling.
Metal Building Insulation You can have this concept added to your Steel Buildings for insulation performance.
Seven critical elements of the Energy Performer Package:

  • Nearly nine-inch-thick walls with 6 inches of insulation
  • Wide spans of insulation vs. only 14.5 inches in standard house construction
  • Polyethylene vapor retarder meticulously installed to keep insulation dry and reduce drafts
  • Fully ventilated attics for enhanced air circulation and condensation control
  • 15.5-inch truss heels allow deep insulation and air space for attic ventilation
  • Uncompressed sidewall fiberglass blanket insulation that is six inches thick and has a true R-19 rating (Energy Star compliant)
  • Blown-in ceiling insulation with a rating of R-38 and better (Energy Star compliant)*

*An R-Value rating is a standard measure of thermal resistance.

Why choose Steel Buildings?

  1. No warping, unlike wood
  2. No fire hazard
  3. Insurance: 25 – 40% less
  4. Termite proof
  5. Complete space in building
  6. No way for birds to perch and defecate on machinery, saves tremendous costs in maintenance
  7. All beams, roof, siding, and hardware – complete new building
  8. Anchor bolt setting plansMetal Building Insulation Steel Buildings Insulation
  9. All necessary hardware
  10. 100% useable interior space
  11. 13 different colors
  12. Zinc Aluminum Coated(ZAC) Screws
  13. Color Coated Tips to match building color
  14. Prevents against Rust and Corrosion

Personalized service from trained technicians who will respond to you and discuss your needs.
Price a steel buildings to your specifications within 24 hours.
We deliver quality, strength, and service at factory direct prices on all custom or prefab – Steel buildings and garage kits.
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When you think about it, the whole process for installing insulation in metal buildings is backwards.
Doesn’t it make more sense to put the roof on first, then put in the insulation. That way, you can insulate in any weather.
According to your schedule. With the highest r-value insulation.
Insulation blankets are typically installed from top to bottom in pole building walls.
(Installing from bottom to top can create unattractive wrinkles) Generally, posts are placed 8′ on center with 7 1/2′ between posts.
Blankets are cut to fit snug between the post.
Tabs are then nailed to the posts and trimmings can be stuffed into the gap between the post and exterior wall panel.
A plastic washer can be used with the nail to give the walls a finished look.
Building insulation refers broadly to any object in a building used as insulation for any purpose.

Steel Buildings Glass Wool Insulation
Glass Wool Insulation

While the majority of insulation in buildings is for thermal purposes, the term also applies to acoustic insulationfire insulation, and impact insulation (e.g. for vibrations caused by industrial applications).
Often an insulation material will be chosen for its ability to perform several of these functions at once.
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