Steel Buildings Pest Controll

Steel Buildings Pest Control

As you may know, when birds nesting in your building, become  pests.

This can interfere with appearance and performance of machinery.

Housing horses or livestock?  birds can contaminate their water or their food.

Which could lead to potential health issues.

To discourage nesting.

We can install a 2 x 2 lumber bird blocking System.

This bird blocking system helps to eliminate nesting in the sidewalls.

We also offers the optional installation of bird mesh wire.

Steel Buildings Pest Control Netting
Steel Buildings Pest Control Netting

This will prevent entry when installed in the ridge vent and between the roof and sidewalls.

Our bird protection reduces overhead nesting.

This, along with Our Steel Buildings sliding door system with a concrete threshold, practically seals the building and does away with bird infestation.

At Carports Steel Buildings we want to help you protect your investments.
To determine the building solutions that will work best for you.

Contact a Carports Steel Buildings Sales Consultant.

Over time human kind has come to accept wild birds.

As a result they now inhabit our towns and cities in increasing numbers.

While in some ways they enhance the urban environment.

If they are not controlled they can cause serious damage to buildings.

The Problems Birds Create

Birds can cause problems in a variety of ways.

Droppings can leave stains on the exterior of walls and roofs.

This has a negative impact on the visual appearance of buildings.

Feathers, droppings and dead birds can block rainwater downspouts, leading to a variety of related problems.

Nests and droppings can act as a breeding ground for bacteria and insects posing a health risk to the occupants of buildings.

Birds can also be carriers of disease

Physical methods of bird control

Net system:

Netting strung across openings and over roosting sites to prevent birds gaining access.

It is worth noting that bird netting comes in various mesh sizes so it is important to ensure that the appropriate size of mesh is used.

Netting is effective in preventing birds from entering an area of a building.

This Netting may not look so good but for what it does the swap out is worth it.

Wire Coil System 

This is a similar system to bird spikes but uses protruding coils rather than projecting pins.

It is therefore safer to use where children may have access

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