Steel Buildings Hunting Blinds

Steel Buildings Hunting Blind for hunting or bird watching.

Steel Buildings Hunting Blind
Hunting Blind

Whether you’re an avid hunter or just a nature buff, this portable Light Weight Hunting Blind will provide excellent shelter from the elements. The eight rung ladder allows easy access to the 4 Foot x 5 Foot platform and is 10 Foot tall.

Inside the blind you have a 7 Foot height clearance for ease of movement.

Steel Buildings Hunting Blinds
Steel Buildings Hunting Blinds

Hunting Blind for Outdoor Buff’s

You can also have Carports custom build a platform to your specification. Minimal assembly required.

For some, you would want to set this up in the woods, with the Portability of this blind that would be an easy chore. You can also add camouflage Netting so you can move with out being noticed.

A regular tree stand is costly and you have to climb a tree to set it up and the danger of Falling is always constant, Plus you are out in the open.

These blinds are designed to go up fast with out the Danger of hurting yourself and will make your hunt more enjoyable.

Deer are timid animals, easily spooked and scared.

Without proper camouflage of your deer hunting stands and ground or tree hunting blinds, your target will run.

The smart hunter will ensure his deer stands, clothing and hunting accessories

Steel Buildings Deer Photo eight point buck
Deer Photo eight point buck

blend into the environment.

We recommend these tips for the best concealment.

  • Choose a tree or location with foliage and rocks so your surroundings keep you hidden
  • Use wrap to cover any equipment that shines, causes reflection, moves or doesn’t look natural
  • Use paint to blend blinds, stands, etc. into the environment
  • Buy equipment and supplies with colors and patterns and materials that fade into the forest

The hunting blind, whether ground blinds or on deer hunting stands, is meant to cover and protect you.

If you are not hidden from sight, sound and scent you will be detected and disappointed.

Blinds on deer stands can make your hunting experience more fun and rewarding.

Choose what best meets your specific needs and hunting location.

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